Move Out Cleaning – Tips from Start to Finish!

Move Out Cleaning – Tips from Start to Finish!

Move out house cleaning tips.

So you’re moving across town or relocating across the country; either way, you’re leaving! No homeowner ever forgets the thrill of moving into a new home, or the bittersweet feelings of saying goodbye to an old one. Nonetheless, it must be done, and moving out is no easy task. However, these move-out cleaning tips can make things easier!

Completely cleaning the house before you move is important for many reasons. It’s essential for homeowners who are ending their lease or selling their home. If you have a lease agreement, you may even be required to leave the residence in a clean and hygienic state. A clean house will also increase the likelihood of a potential buyer making a purchase. So, now that we’ve established the significance of move-out cleaning, let’s walk you through the entire procedure from start to finish.

1. Organize your packing first

If you’ve already begun relocating boxes, that’s excellent since the fewer things you have in the house, the easier it is to clean. However, if this isn’t an option for you, we still have some advice if you plan to fill the moving truck with all of your belongings on moving day. Set aside one room for keeping packed boxes so that the vacant rooms can be cleaned first. Cleaning one room every day is preferable to cleaning the entire house in one day.

2. Remove dust and cobwebs from ceilings

Start at the ceiling while cleaning an empty room. When cleaning anything, it is always best to begin at the top and work your way down. If you don’t have a long-handled broom, tie an old tee-shirt around your mop and use it to dust the entire ceiling and clear cobwebs from ceiling corners.

3. Wipe walls clean

Clean your walls with the same cleaning tool you used to dust your ceiling. Begin at the top and work your way down, wiping from side to side. If your paint finish/wallpaper lets you, gently massage stains away with a clean, wet cloth. Even if there are no visible stains, cleaning down all the walls with a damp cloth will bring them back to life and make them appear cleaner.

4. Sweeping and mopping

With all of the dirt and dust from the ceiling and walls on the floor, it’s time to sweep and mop the space clean. Before you begin mopping, keep the windows in the room slightly open to allow for faster drying, and close other windows to prevent cross ventilation from blowing dust and grime into the cleaned rooms.

5. Kitchen and bathroom cleaning

Scrub every surface thoroughly to make your kitchen and bathroom look decent. People will be in and out of these rooms until all of the packing is finished, so leave them until the end of your cleaning.

We can handle your move-out cleaning and ensure that the house is spotless before presenting it to potential purchasers or returning it to the landlord. If you are stressed (which is common when moving), you can contact our house cleaners and schedule a move-out cleaning service.

We understand how difficult moving out can be, but these recommendations should help. If you have a large family and are going to relocate, you may require the services of professional house cleaners to assist you during the process. Call House Cleaning Belleville for help today.

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