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Reclaim your weekends by not having to worry about cleaning your home. You can entertain people freely without the concern of a messy space. House Cleaning Belleville will help you make this possible.

Houses are active spaces as there are typically family members and pets constantly running around. Dust and bacteria can build up quickly which leaves you feeling overwhelmed with the constant workload.

Even though every one of our jobs is different and we make special schedules for your requirements, there are basic component we clean:

  • Bathrooms and kitchens
  • Vacuuming every room
  • Washing all non-carpeted flooring
  • Dusting all surfaces and fixtures
  • Interior window cleaning

We are a cleaning company you can rely on. For some reason if you aren't completely satisfied with our work, tell us and we will work to make it right with no additional costs for you. We have many options for different cleaning schedules. We can help you find one that works for you!

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Professional cleaning services in Belleville, Ontario
Professional cleaning services in Belleville, Ontario


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When Belleville house cleaning cleans your home, you can expect the job to be done quickly and efficiently. We strive to provide our customers with the best house cleaning services in the Quinte area. We use the latest house cleaning products and equipment to ensure the job is done right. You can expect all House Cleaning Belleville services to be performed by highly qualified house cleaners, who are fully insured and bonded.

Having a wide variety of cleaning schedules is something we take pride in. We understand that not everyone will want the same home cleaning schedule. Therefore we provide unique schedules to help fit everyones needs. Besides from our standard home cleaning schedules such as weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleans, we offer unique cleaning options. Our team can come up with a unique schedule to fit your exact needs. Give us a call today and let us help you find a cleaning schedule that works. We will be happy to take the time to figure this out for you.

We understand the importance of your belongings and how you like things done. It can be tiresome explaining the same procedure to a new cleaner every time they come to your home. Belleville House Cleaning acknowledges this and has come up with a solution. Our maid services ensure you get the same house cleaner each time. They will become experts on cleaning your home which will save them cleaning time and you money in the long run. Contact us today and hire a belleville maid service.

Belleville Home Cleaning Services

Call us at House Cleaning Belleville to make more times for the things you love. We can take care of all the cleaning in your home, office space and living areas.

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Invest in Quality Cleaning Services with House Cleaning Belleville

Though house cleaning is our specialty, House Cleaning Belleville is also capable of giving suggestions on how to maintain your house or apartment. Maybe you are good at staying on top of the cleaning in your home but need some extra help sometimes. Our cleaning team can preform a one time clean to your home and give you some extra tips on how to keep it clean. Check out our cleaning blogs to get some information on house cleaning tips!

kitchen cleaning belleville professional and affordable
Do you tip house cleaners?Tips are not legally required but are always appreciated. Most people tip their house cleaners with cash and tip about 15-20% of the cleaning service but the amount is ultimately up to the individual. Some people might give a firm $5-$10 per cleaning, while others might just leave a couple of bucks. Whatever you choose to do, it's always a nice gesture and definitely appreciated by your cleaner. Tipping your house cleaners shows how much you appreciate their service.

How much do house cleaners charge in Ontario?House cleaners in Ontario can charge anywhere from $15 to $90 per hour, depending on their level of experience and the size and complexity of the cleaning job. In Toronto, the average cleaning rate is between $35-45 per hour. Some house cleaners may also charge a flat rate for specific services, such as deep-cleaning or spring-cleaning. Always ask for an estimate before hiring a house cleaner to ensure that you're not surprised by the final cost.

What is included in a deep house cleaning?Deep cleaning is the process of cleaning your entire home from top to bottom. It's more intense of a cleaning job than regular house cleaning because it touches on things in your home that don't get washed often. Deep cleaning services might include:

Cleaning underneath furniture.
Wiping dust off of ceiling fans and light fixtures.
Vacuuming and cleaning upholstery.
Cleaning curtains and blinds.
Dusting individual decor items on dressers and tables.
Sanitizing trash and recycling bins and other surfaces.
Dusting lamp shades.
Cleaning baseboards, window frames, and door frames.
Dusting all corners of the house.

How do I prepare my house for deep cleaning?If you are hiring a cleaning company to do deep cleaning, you might be wondering if there are things you should do to prepare for their arrival. Being prepared for your house cleaner will save them time and you money. Follow these 8 tips to be prepared for your deep cleaning service:

Research your cleaning service - sometimes they will have a list of things you should do on their website.
Declutter your house for your cleaner.
Clean up any dirty dishes and food messes.
Communicate any questions or special requests you may have before they arrive.
Secure fragile and special items.
Put your pets away in a secure place that's not being cleaned.
Know proper house cleaner etiquette.
Avoid over-the-top expectations.

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